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I beat mats bar

About I’m not as good, it can prove: I then came to United States to study abroad, work waiting tables in a restaurant. Some strange foreign girls too old I table for dinner, tip is particularly high. In addition, some words I don’t understand. And after a few days, the boss is not in the foreground, let me to the back washing dishes. He also said that none of his business, is another guest told him I so risque. My face is a little hard, wear black clothes and had no problems. Black skin was my habit at an early age, I just figure it’s stain-resistant by the mill, who is not to tease. But if I were a good man, would not wear black leather clothing, no matter how dirty it is wear-resistant.

Beat I felt before the bar, grabbed his collar and screaming in the first two or three minutes, “thieves” and the people called out of the bath. I was shown completely naked, still have soap scum. Felt Pakistan was embarrassed and angry, and didn’t open, in spite of the slap me. The whole matter in my calculations, for fighting this thing at any time who is the first hands on who is wrong. Wait until you see after he hit me first, I began to hit him. Felt Pakistan half undressed, and upper body were wearing sweaters, below half wearing long Johns to the mouth, protruding from the mouth of his half-childish xxxxLike cats mouth exposed half of fish guts; far from me what not to wear quickly. Hands I took before his eyes, and saw these before we started playing. On the first punch hit him in the right eye, and a black eye. Immediately I could see one eye black is white does not look good, well-intentioned and a punch to the left eye, Pakistan felt quite nice. On this point there where you want to add: first, felt Pakistan white skin, big eyes, and second, his eyelids. Finally, he is the hollow eye sockets. In short, black the benefit increase after charming the eyes. Winery chef give me applause. I may be a bit carried away, forget that fighting it is who bash others who wrong. At I light with ass, playing have is excited, in erectile dysfunction State, that things straight Alice Alice of, seems a ancient of Sinan (Sinan is guide needle of predecessor, is paint disc in a put magnet spoon, spoon total is refers to with South–and I this Sinan refers to have is is felt BA), later he complained said: playing I playing have good proud–are straight has! Of course, this is caused by a misunderstanding, I have a lot of ancient Greece of pottery painting pictures, draw a number of naked runner, can prove that the person straight in the violent movement. Beat felt Pakistan was a violent sport. This is because elevated levels of epinephrine, without meaning, not to show you I’m a sadist. I also was injured, Tenosynovitis were made by hand, but later on, I did not dare to mention this, because it is his fists into them upon collision, a problem. I beat him on a result that he backs the notoriety of a steal-even though he is my Pocket assigned tasks, but it’s a secret (undercover), The leadership would never have admitted they had sent someone to search the pockets of workers; I got a heart and hands of ruthless gangsters. In my view, such an outcome is fair, we can smite, but he sat in on a class at Toolbox, don’t do a live, staring at me like a top XX. After I was nasty, said felt, and don’t think you yourself. For me to think of it, I am careless, just in case one day accidentally putting charcoal in his pocket, in cash to the factory to be found by you, not finished! I don’t pummel you into it? This sentence to be checked out. He complained that I beat him like rogue, all hands under. That said, he admits that I beat him was justified, but shouldn’t have played so hard. I had reason to say about this: first, if the charcoal in my pocket, he searched out consequences are unthinkable, so is his first hands; second, if he was fighting, I can’t beat him like that, so this is his own fault. So the two of us arguing. In rhetoric and in the fight, he was no match for me. Fight then he cried worthless.

Felt Pakistan was made, green on the eyes hurt again after a long time away. During that time his eyelids with Black Lace, looked, and can also see black particles from the sunken place emanates. In that time, I looked at my own work for a long time. Anyway, that is two pieces of beautiful things.

Felt the Israeli-Palestinian children are to learn, often asks me some questions on the job, sometimes geometry, sometimes some allusion, I tried to answer him. He once asked me: what is “felt Pakistan to stamp”, which baffled me. I asked where he was from, he didn’t tell me. Later I figured out, must have been on the dream of! XX Pakistan is hair on a dream of Red mansions (–I suspect was made by Cao Xueqin’s words), he felt Pakistan recognize. Then I called him a blanket, and felt, small carpets, and so on. One night I heard on the shortwave a Beatles song, sang the day according to the score the next day at work: felt-felt-felt-felt-felt-felt-felt. Someone heard me call him blanket bar, also followed the call. Felt Pakistan had heard this name will go on the rampage at the beginning, and I (of course, he also knew what felt Pakistan was meant), but not my body, I grabbed my wrist out of the way. Then everyone called him a blanket, and he had no choice but to agree. He had no other names, called mat bus. Who wants to he hate me, even going to go into the plot to persecute me. That means he is a lowlife. But he did not agree with this assessment, and retorts that if he called I felt, and I agreed, that he would admit that he is a lowlife. I didn’t make the test with him, because he is a scumbag, not the scumbag, anyway, my problem has been contracted. In this case, why should I go to admit felt Pakistan was it?

I punch felt Pakistan was out, beat him bad, old LU on the phone with the police called, let them catch me. But her voice was too big, way too weird, but police have long had in mind. They did not catch me, first went to the hospital to see mat bus. Felt this time Pakistan showed the manliness of a man, told the police that, both of us laughing, the King suddenly dropped his hurt. He also said that we were buddies, if I was caught, he will be very sad. Police comrades after hearing these words, then turned and went back, it won’t come to call. But this only temporarily so I was safe because of old Lu has these remarks, every meeting he said: a rogue like King, hit the killer, scoundrel, why do we have to defend him? Such rhetoric, the tofu to mention Conference agenda, we are fed up. In addition, she heads is, after all, well, we started to hate me. I’ve heard that factory bosses have decided to take me out at the first appropriate opportunity, can send me labor reform-through-labor, can send me RTL re-education through labour, a word I can never go back to. In addition, all workers are no longer sympathetic. Lunch before I get to the skylight in the kitchen hung dinner and lunch boxes, Chef Rob to give me food. Old Lu yell said not to give him food, Chef still dare to talk back: who is iron and rice are steel, how can you not let people eat? Not now, people don’t give me rice, added: you guys go down, hide won the grade one can’t hide 15: Wow! Also felt Pakistan give me rice, or had to go hungry at noon. It is the real meaning of my business to make. As a villain, if life doesn’t make things, you can also enjoy the life. If committed, just asGay had AIDS, will soon be finished.

Everybody hates me, I cannot hate you, this attitude was called against humanity. I cannot hate Lu, she is the head. I just hate that painting a nude woman, call me back a bag of people, vowed that if caught to beat him. But even I can’t figure out who he is. BA said, felt, had the King, you don’t play. Here we are two people. This point was 22 I have healed, almost believe I painted those pictures, but I remember not sleepwalking problems. Moreover, far from my home to the factory, swim swim here. The mystery over three years, that is, to 77 years to uncover. That year we had a guy named Wo TOU was admitted to the Academy of fine arts. Wo TOU said he had a three-point one account:

1, he is male or female;

2, he will speak;

3, he no long dark eyes–it was because he was too much roll. How to think of small tofu factory, except me, can still draw, and there is no color blindness, surprise addition forgot to hit him.