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Wang Erhe old Lu

Lao Lu always wanted to catch the king two, but the total is not successful. Her best score is to get one of his shoes. That time is very dangerous, because she is hiding in the corner of the tower waiting, and so on Wang two saw her is very close. Forced king had to in the seat jumped up and caught the top rungs, despite the new bike crash sound fell in the ground. Is this, she also came close to being grabbed his ankle, her shoes was torn off. Then she put the emancipatory shoe hung from the flagpole in front of the office half honor her victory, and announce that, who to do not give, non king himself to take. But when he rode off, one hand, holding a bamboo pole, a pole shoe put up. The time finally is fluky unharmed, not even shoes lost, but the king afraid one day, sooner or later will be on the ladder to mouth hit, there is something to worry about, for example, afraid of riding the express train hit a pregnant woman in the factory (then there are several big belly to work), and so on, so two change the car ride to the next winery, coming from the side walls. The factory and the bean curd factory are still separated by a road, but there is a pipe to steam the air in the air. Wang Er came over from above. Bad is the alley there is always old man walking bird, see king said: such a big man, shabby not shabby, then king had to pretend to not to hear.
The king was old Lu chasing too troublesome, and decided to not run, from the entrance of pushing a bicycle to walk in, thinking: if she dares to bite me, I began to beat her. But decided that determination after, old Lu will no longer to chase the king, even at the gate face-to-face meet, she is not willing to rush toward to come over, but turned to others and speak. This kind of thing is really weird. Before King desperately flee, thought many “thanks to: thanks to him in midair to work, thanks to his childhood love of climbing in the tree house. Fortunately, he is the school gymnastics team, will play the horizontal bar and so on, otherwise the earliest Lu old caught. Later Wang found a little no thanks to: if he could not climb the tree main rooms, do not play the horizontal bar, can not go to the heaven fled, the king will early station in the underground, fists clenched, thinking if old Lu Ganlai pulled him by the collar and, to her face punch, she was a fat face hit flowering. If it is the latter case, the problem has long been solved, simply do not go to play. These lucky and unlucky, coupled with the complexity of the causal relationship, simply put him around the halo.
This is the chase of the story that happened to me. It was 1974, winter air pollution, apart like a toilet erotica and various political movements, almost no what thing for statements. And the political movement is like the weather, said more than the meaning of. At that time, the city wall of Beijing was torn down, and the old city was bare, and the city was short of young people. When I was twenty-two years old, I was a man with long hair. Perhaps because of this, the old Lu decided to catch me. During that time, I often hide in the room, but there are a few times a month to the next, for example, signature collar wages, to the trade unions to get a movie ticket, etc.. As long as the office of the escape into the office, the door plug, it is safe, and the danger is always happening in this way, because it will meet the old lu. Every day of spending, accounting room door there are always a lot of people waiting to see the fun. To this day, the old Lu’s face is better than usual red several times, the hair is also like popcorn machine explosion – in the attack, the face of the enemy, the red, the cobra also want to blow up; these are not important, do not move, it is important to see her attack route. If she stare at my chest, is pulling my collar; if her eyes look down, is to have my legs. No matter where she wants to attack, she rushes to come, you also want to go up. Positive meet the moment, if she raised her hand to catch the collar, I a short body, from her rib climb in the past; if she short body to hold the legs, I according to her shoulders, a vault from on top of her head a somersault turn over. At that time, the old Lu Wang two is our factory, a king, a few times a month. But it’s been a long time ago.
About my stay in the factory, there are a lot of places to add. It in a small alley in Beijing Nancheng, although the alley have been widened, paving the asphalt, but on the side of the road and a lot of break ragged lousy house, the door open to the street. Although there are a few pieces of glass windows, but not tight place also with the window pane paste paper. The foundation of the house than to low street, abnormal low impression on the roof, the dry grass seems to be in front of maomao. Our factory gate stood two concrete pillars, ugly. There is a fierce and so the old Lu waiting for me. All this gives me a feeling that I have a wrong turn. Although it’s not too bad, but it can be said, I’m not mentally prepared for what happened later. My small when can not think there will be so filled with the pulverized coal yard, which in the miscellaneous interpretation of rot, but did not think there would be old Lu to bite me.