Replica Hermes Niloticus Ring

Replica Hermes Ring

Hermes has again designed a very large number of jewelry. There is a very distinctive jewellery in almost every era. Replica Hermes Jewelry recently designed a very attractive jewellery from ancient Egypt’s Niloticus. The Replica Hermes Ring uses 18k rose gold.
In ancient Egypt, Pharaoh took “Nile Crocodile” in the pond of the temple, decorated it with magnificent jewels, and worshiped it as a god. The period of ancient dynasty in Egypt (2686 – 2181) was named after Niloticus, and the sixth dynasty of Upper Egypt also used the Nile crocodile as a symbol of the dynasty.
This gold ring comes from the Replica Hermes jewelry collection “Niloticus” and is named after the most respected and admired animal of ancient Egypt, the “Nile Crocodile”. The designer hinges the gold “flake” that fits the shape into one complete piece. The ring gives lifelike grid-like crocodile skin.
The designer used the details of the crocodile skin to express the theme of the “Nile Crocodile” and used the oldest precious metal material, gold, to add to the history of the work. The entire work consisted of 16 scales of different shapes, each of which was contoured to fit each other. The scale-hinged gap was also embellished with small round diamonds, reminiscent of ancient Egyptians who made the Nile Crocodile. Decorations.
This replica Replica Hermes Ring features a symmetric design. The center is decorated with a sapphire-inlaid “sceptre” that symbolizes the worship of the Nile Crocodile by the ancient Egyptian dynasty. Both ends of the scepter are equipped with a drop-shaped Iolite and an emerald-cut Beryl, among which the cordierite is a clear violet color. This gemstone has a strong multi-color, and has a very high cutting process. Requirements; beryl and emerald belong to the same gem family, due to the different elements of the green with different colors, emerald contains “chrome” element, so the color is more full, green beryl contains ferric ions, so present light green.