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Wang Er’s work

There is a tall tower in the factory, Wang Er is in the top of the house in the house of milk. Later, he was not in the tofu factory, but also often dreamed of the tower. If Freud is to say, this means that what is self-evident, not to mention the white milk always come down from the top of the tower, flow to the workshop. Soya bean milk for bean curd factory is as important as water to a city. Actually you don’t need a Freud, as we all know the tower like, people say: the tower in our factory is like denjiu. That is to say, the tower on the pants to wear the. Go up the ladder is climbing the chimney tower foot ladder, this is because of the work in the tower are male workers. Send pipeline of soya bean milk is mid air and the roof, along which they and milk as accessible in the factory, so he also rarely down to, this is think of late Italian writer Italo Calvino’s novel “in the tree climbing Baron”, the writer of my work is to read a hundred tire. Old Lu saw this scene in the underground, on the torn throat shouting, let the king down two. Two but the king ignored her, this is because the cold pipe is blocked not frozen, he is hurrying to dredge. She saw two from across the courtyard of the pipeline through, holding a glimmer of hope, hope king would slip and fall down, she catches. But he has gone on for several years, never stumble. Is occasionally lose balance, is also at most a few steps like bowling like flowers, fall off yet far off. If she can do it, will pick up the coal to beat him. But in the winter, a fat woman wear Chinese jacket and threw a stone to how high. Her capable of the most deterrent is take the Shan roof long rod feather duster to stab his legs, Wang had returned to the original roof. But after a short while, there will be people in the workshop to knock at the pipe, shouting how to not come out of the milk. Under the old Lu had to pack up a long pole let him in the past — anyway, she is the factory director of the Revolutionary Committee, did not dare to do too much, let factory made no tofu, tofu can be made out, depends on two can go in the past, dredge pipe, make the milk flow past. In addition to the old Lu, Wang Er and the factory where everyone said, he did not draw those paintings. And the king, two, could have said this to the old, but he had no courage to stand before her. He thought that she could not catch me, and let her be the following.
About it, there are some places to be added. Wang Erzhe guy is a small man, only twenty years old, long sideburns, his face was wrinkled, but a root transverse nor, all bristling, naturally curly hair, dark complexion, face Gegedada. Looks very fierce, laugh laugh out, and two pieces of rolling the felt black eyebrows. In winter he wore a motorcycle messenger to wear black clothes to climb the talent pipeline, it is on. Other human limbs and bowed to the ground when how many will feel a bit unnatural, but he seems relaxed and natural, even his legs to the front of the nose also feel natural. Quickly climbed a lap down, a little dirt on the knee. This gives the impression of a cat. These places make you think of odd shape he is a bad guy, but the idea he has somewhat accepted.People say that the old Lu original work in the higher level authorities, because she in there so much noise everyone can’t be peaceful, so put on here as director. She wants to catch king Ershi, always up early every morning to Changkou waiting, but the morning is too cold, so to sit there. Wang Er ride to work, always save with the strength, until the factory’s gate to bike ride to fast. At the same time, shaking bell, the mouth also shouted: “step aside”! She ran out of the house, called Wang stop, while someone stopped him he has swiftly vanish in the factory in the hallway. Wait for her to Soybean Milk tower, two king climbed up the ladder feet long. The tower is only so difficult to climb the ladder can come up, then there is a screw lift machine. If she took the elevator up, will stir up crooked, thin and long, like the Christmas candles, so the two above is safe. As for her shouting, Wang two can not hear. Only consider the thing is she on the ground caught two. It’s like a wild boar catch dogs, in open areas is unlikely. But the factory is not empty, it is a palace of the gossip of battle. Used to build a house, if it is a straight line, people will say that the cover is not good. Is the smallest of the yard, the door has a screen wall to increase the extent of its twists and turns. So in the morning when the two to work, if you haven’t met the old Lu and put her to get rid of every dangerous corner in front, we must stop to review the front of the terrain features, think about if the old Lu on the wall behind the words, how to do, like a good future to go forward. Because of these ideological preparation, so when the back seat of the car a lag, old Lu proudly said: “I can catch you!” When, never panic. These when he tends not to ride in the car, but in the car, one foot standing on the seat, the other foot, as if in acrobatics. She grabbed the back seat, Wang Er just jumped up and caught half the air across the pipeline, it is very natural to turn up, in the air to passers-by said: Master Xu, please give me a bike. The old Lu is in the following hate to the master Xu said, one day catch Wang Er, not bite him a bite. At the same time, her hair from back to front up, like a rickshaw as open shed. Everyone thought the old Lu was a problem, because she had a bad temper. But no one believes that she is a bad guy, because she is a forty year old women. There can’t be a bad guy in this man.