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When I was young

When I feel like I was born bad, would in future disaster six three difficult and constantly. Although it does not like the idea of a child, but it is a fact. On this point I have a lot to add. At the beginning of the novel, when I call himself King, quietly began to tell about a place, but will change the tone, told in the first person. There is one thing I have to do. I ran to the school playground as a child, saw a purple sky, that I can be told in the third person, until I cut my arm up. This is because the third-person with virtual components, and has left a scar on my arm. About cut my arm, the virtual end.

At the age of six I cut my arms, crying, thinking: just my luck! Still don’t know what disaster is waiting for me. Now when I play bridge like this, before looking at the cards at a time, always saying a sentence: I do not know what is dumb! If playing the game, opponents repeatedly shook his head. But the thing is that I am not a gentleman that only I was a hopeless pessimist. At the age of 22, I was old in the bean curd factory, Shandong, catch running around, there is this sort of idea. And felt I was in a bar can testify that I was old, he said: I had bad luck, because the fuwushuangzhi, a double whammy. Sure enough, after a few days, I felt the Israeli-Palestinian beat up and broke his rib cartilage on the tip.

Felt Pakistan NET NET this guy was white, although half a head taller than me, but have no strength at all. Eyes like a dragonfly, slip shoulder, pectus excavatum, his voice low, but it is a sissy. His penis is childish, phimosis. This guy knew everything I had to, because both of us all the way to the winery take a bath, I hit him and are also related to the shower. I never imagine meeting one day to beat him up, this is because he is the only dude in the factory, hit him about what others thought of me? But because of a bad year, the thing happened should not have happened.

The King felt the Israeli-Palestinian thing is this: the previous afternoon, someone else to take over when he felt said felt, we go to the winery take a bath, you hold the bar of SOAP. BA did not speak, felt, just take SOAP to catch up. Which makes him think this guy didn’t speak, it is very suspicious. Winery bathroom dressing and finished off, felt the Israeli-Palestinian and let him go in first. After he went into the bath, turn back immediately, see felt Pakistan put his hand into his jacket pocket, first felt the left side of the Pocket and touch the right side of the Pocket, pulled out from the inside of a half smoke. Which made him immediately think of carbon felt Pakistan was found in the Pocket. Talked about here, I cannot call himself King, it is because there was a feeling that enough to express without having to first-person. As far as I know, 10,000 people at most, there is a cut forearm completely at age six, in the same way, there would only be 10,000 people suspected of counter-revolutionary pictures, searched his pockets for treatment. This one in miles feels like winning a big jackpot. Feels there is a test tube full of ice water was poured into the brain to the head a point.

Of course, the search layout – I was the leader of the search of the suspect’s pockets, looking for charcoal-painted counter-revolutionary pictures-but also felt Pakistan searched my pockets. I was very angry, but still didn’t expect to beat. Later in the tub, looking at his naked, suddenly feel that beat him. The next day he cut my pocket when I had completely figured out how to beat him. Could have beat him to silence, who wants to hand out, unexpectedly playing x light come to harm, this falling into the wrong level. But that didn’t mean it, when I was a kid, and fights back to beat each other’s ribs, never interrupting anything, if I know his ribs broken will never go there.

After those pictures of our factory, yelling at the LU, to call the police and ask them to solve the case. Police pushed into the police station, the police station was a policeman at the, says it’s up to you to solve it. At last the company section to a soiled clothing is full of old Liu, glowed on his face is covered with exhilarated, handheld-40 large Zeiss camera, took a picture into the toilet, consumes a baby fist sized flashbulbs. The light bulbs used magnesium foil like stuffed with pieces of torn paper, after the Flash, it becomes white and opaque, like cataract of the eye. But the photo did not, because photos forgot to put plate. Let him make it can’t, because that was the last one flashing light bulbs, never, want to buy is not a. Which, apparently, is not seriously old Lu’s business. The old Liu and I know, as I think he is a real bad guy, and I was his life has never been. Old Lu was angry himself to solving the case, gathered all the good (party members accumulate points) meet. I think they are the first steps is King found conclusive evidence of the crimes. This guy felt the Israeli-Palestinian, is one of the participants.

Something about those pictures, and some may be added. If you are old Lu, life in the dull times, every day except for one Chinese-style jacket and felt facial hair nest had nothing to wear, in addition to carrying a black leather bag at the meeting had nothing to do, of course, be bored to death. These paintings are now in the men’s toilets, led her to become the Centre of attention, she excited, of course, want to make a difference. This I can understand. I can understand, but why would she choose me under the bus. Now, I think probably because I always wear black leather clothing, or because I wanted to be a painter. Whatever go, I looked like a nice guy, this is beyond doubt.