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I am now forty years old, not a painter, nor a mathematician, but not to do tofu workers, but an engineer. This was a surprise to everyone, including those of my family and the people who had known me, but I didn’t feel surprised at all. Take time to push back when I was young, there was a period of time before the door is a large barn, then the scars on my hands have long. Look down from my two floor balcony and saw a large cellular place, because these chickens are separated by a wide variety of materials in space. There are three plates, in those materials in the tin, limbs and so on, the original idea is to use these things you can put the chickens in the inside will not let them out, but no matter what time you can see a lot of chicken in the circle of the open space between the strutting back and forth, and everywhere can smell the smell of chicken droppings, like and without the filter of camel cigarettes taste. In addition to the barn open space in front of the building, the balcony upstairs also raised on a chicken. A cock often took off in the downstairs, flying to the balcony of my top four floor. I can judge when it takes off from the attitude of its walking, so I seldom miss the scenes of the take-off. It is usually on the ground in a squat, then jumped into the air desperately flapping its wings, it rose. According to my observation, it can only overcome the instantaneous gravity, vertical rise, not able to fly freely; because it is often not on the balcony, and splashing down from the air lara. I was watching the chicken fly on the balcony is very fascinated, but do not know what this means. Over the past thirty years, I went to the U.S. city of Saint Louis, posing in the famous stainless steel arches and a vertical landing Harrier, just take a hint of regret to remember this thing. This is because the shape of the plane and the cock is very much like that, it is more like a fly. My upset is because I think it should be invented by me. All these things are to be explained in addition to climbing, and my life has a theme, that is, the invention. This is my inherent nature, although I have not yet invented what great things so far.
When I was starving, at that time in front of our house is full of chickens. But if you think China university is all wrong — that chicken is not a long time, and not just the chicken, also raised a lot of rabbits, because rabbits can also be killed by eating. Not only is the lack of food, but also the lack of everything. But the lack of things does not include money, but money is not what to buy tickets, in addition to containing only water and popsicle sticks. Money such things if you can not buy things on the no use, wipe the buttocks are too hard, but also illegal. Even the vegetables are to be a ticket, this is even the most support of socialism my father also felt too much. One day in the house heard someone downstairs shouting: do not want food tickets spinach le! My grandma sent me to buy it. Buy back a bunch of spinach, stand up better than me. Can only be used to feed the rabbit, not chickens, because the chicken choke. My grandmother is a little old lady from the countryside, she bit her fingers and say: never seen such old spinach! Later she moved a brain, wanted to extract from the spinach fiber to the shoes, but did not succeed. This shows that my grandmother who also has the character of the invention. But if the stomach absolutely empty, everyone will have a maggot in one’s head.

When I was small, no toilet paper, my dad had five eight years of promotional materials sent to the toilet, let us use it to wipe my ass. There are a lot of things in the materials that were created by the invention. I saw them in the bathroom, and gradually became a mystery. At the same time, my brother and sister played a team in front of the toilet, hold back the door with his fists, but I can’t hear. The invention has some very general, such as what made a wooden bead ball bearing, with the pot boil dung as fertilizer and so on, have a little imagination. But there are some very good. For example, this one: if there is a pig, in general feeding conditions can only grow eight two per day, the invention can let it grow to a pound and a half, the law is to use a pound of peanut oil, add egg yolk two. It is said that the feed pigs not only fat, meat is very tender. At that time I thought of the invention is good, but not perfect. Should a little more soy sauce and cooking wine in, make it ranging from under the knife was turned into a huge Guangdong sausage. To say the truth, with the invention of the rub, I feel sad. Of course, not only to be used to wipe the bottom is the invention, there are other things. For example, there are a lot of oil copies. Not only we are engaged in five eight years of invention, and everyone to participate in writing poetry, poetry contest. My brother went to school in grade five eight in three years. He was so hungry that he could not sleep at night. He read his poems:
If you want to come,
All efforts.
He also told me that to communism, the eye of the small steamed bread (steamed bread on the eye is too big, eat not top hungry). This poem I still find mimeograph poems marked, is the third grade elementary school student Wang made. I do not hesitate to use my brother works as a toilet paper. I was only nine years old, also think this is doggerel. I just like to invent. My older brother had discovered that I liked the invention, and he also asserted that I had an amazing talent in this area. But until now, I can not play this ability.
After talking to the Communist Wotou, feel more hungry, so we’re trying to sneak out of the house and steal home in carrots. Tender carrots are not sweet, so they are not good at all. From small to large, I have done this a bad thing. And I have a good time with this bad thing. This can show how clean I am.
About five eight years of great inventions and poetry contest, there is need to add local. It is not as romantic as I was when I was young. For example, the invention of the invention is an indicator, we must put forward three thousand inventions every month in this university, and make thirty thousand poems. Index of this kind of thing, all romantic rivals. If there is superior to my wife and the index of weekly sex three times if I will put their hacked off. If the index of this thing out, great inventions and poetry contest is very good. It’s a pity that it’s the only one that’s causing you to die. For a while we were eager to invent ways to stop the hunger, and I also wanted to break my head.
When I was hungry, I was green, the most happy moment is before meals, because you can eat. The most unfortunate moment is the meal, because there is nothing to eat. A few days later (twelve years old), suddenly felt all over budejin, as if sick, like a changed man. Think carefully, it is because I am not hungry. Full after the invention of the desire has receded, but I have invented many things, including a match head loading pistol, do a crossbow and launch bicycle. I use these weapons to hunt, no matter to what to eat, burn. Has a back to eat a small hedgehog, long a body of lupus erythematosus like a knot in one’s heart. So I got my dad a good fight.