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Hours of memories

Five eight years I was from home run out, in the “steel” pile side fell, his arm cut. When I climbed up, I saw a big hole in my forearm, which was a bit of a shiny thing, and it was a good time to be drowned. As a six year old child, of course, can not understand what it is, so then I thought his body covered with white slippery sticky like a wet cotton wool like things. Later at the age of ten seminal emission also don’t feel surprised, because that is just inside the flow out of. Until later painting, read a few of the anatomy of the book, just know that see is your fascia. Fascia is only in a few places, not all of the body. But my dad pulled me captain of the hospital, and the doctor with thick needle big line to sew me, I think he is a thing with a wet quilt, foolishly forgot to cry. The doctor, concern said: Lao Wang, the child mind has no problem? My father said no, he always said a idiotic, chisel chestnut on my head, I played wow sound. And then I saw my dad, “he said excitedly,” that’s right. Then I saw clips in my flesh penetrated the piercing, wailing sound over a sound, he felt too noisy, in my head and a chisel chestnut, crying is a sound low down, I began to think of yourself as a quilt. My father in a very short time even made six children, is the so-called radish fast don’t wash mud, as long as the head of a chisel chestnut can cry out, he is very satisfied. This thing that looks dull, like a very simple, and the sentimental heart, pessimism, this is my nature. But although I was weary, did not think there will be such a blind.
The Museum of modern art, when I was a child I lived and I later went to university in Brussels is two place is not the same. The former is a large courtyard of the four four square, which is also the cement buildings in the four four square, the campus of the road flat vertical, lack of poetic. But the Belgian Museum of modern art is a deep underground wells, like a spiral staircase around the gallery wall stretched down. There is a fountain at the bottom of the well and a very lovely lawn. Although these two places is not so, but because Dudley and big steel-making, they in my mind are inseparable.
58 years I have seen other scenes, for example, in the stadium lights on the experimental field, the light Tunghsiao immortal, is said to the crops growth is good, but the whole world mosquito and moth full attracted, formed dozens of rotating beam, magnificent, scary and loudspeakers came the rhetoric. But these are not important, important is the square of the iron and steel and I cut my arm. Everything I had to cut a big hole in my wrist. Later I began to study painting, intended to be a painter, because as this is not enough to express my heart and grotesque — I don’t know Dali is not because of the same reason as a painter. As I was a blind, I have not found. Not only that, but I also think that the power of discrimination is better than all of them. Take a carrot, for example, someone told me that it looks like a red one, but I don’t think so. It is translucent, the appearance of a layer of light purple light, there is a light yellow. Inside, leading to the heart is full of cold carrot, blue. As I see it, it’s cold. So draw the carrot, say it’s what’s the whole. It was said that the school of the school, some people say that Picasso’s blue period, there are people who say that the bourgeois decadent, that is, no one said that it is a carrot. Seven seven years I go to the Central Academy of fine arts, who is also a teacher that There were many discussions. If I pretend to be profound, sat silent, probably passed. And I went to them and said, “I’m the carrot in my eyes.”. Later, I do not know which of the genius of the idea to ask me to go to the hospital to check the eyes. Check out the back, the teacher will roll with laughter, put me out. But is in fact the Department of Ophthalmology a few color picture I didn’t recognize. I can draw a picture, called don’t recognize anyone.My color is like this: I see that the ultraviolet ray is ultraviolet, blue in the heart is infrared. Only the light yellow is visible. In terms of radio, the band of my eyes is very wide. Because I can see everything, so what are careless, in terms of the radio, in the band of visible light eyes I gain is not big enough, if the eye is a pair of antennas. People like me do not fit as artists: ultraviolet, infrared ray, painter, and ultrasonic musicians, no future. But my eyesight is not no good, because they can see ultraviolet light, so some kinds of material for me is almost transparent, wear and wear nothing is the same. When it comes to my summer without eyes; eyes widened, narrowed his eyes to see more clearly. This can not let my wife know, otherwise she’s going to compel me to wear sunglasses, or with sticking plaster to seal my eyes up and send me a white cane, let me walk like a blind man. My art career has ended, but not because I was blind. This is because I don’t want to draw. It is because people do not give me a chance to draw the picture. If they gave me this opportunity, I would be able to see through my eyes, ultraviolet and infrared.