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Wang Er experience in the bean factory

Wang Er too young workers at a Beijing plant as tofu. That place is a hodgepodge, others say that the past is a hall. That is to say, when the city of Beijing is a gray brick around the city, a group of a provincial officials and business people scrape together some money, cover the yard, to test lifts to Beijing to live. It’s a long time. It is a fine fine brick tile grey yard. Very old; had about high gate, door had dismounted stone bolt hitching post, a class of things, then no, only a cement pile gate iron fence door, the door has a short street, for transport of tofu car access. A car is a tin shed on the side of the road, the workers to put the bike inside. At the end of the shed has a red brick house, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter which smells bad, regardless of day and night with ever burning lamps. There is a toilet. There was a time when people on the inside of the wall paintings of nude paintings, people said that the king of the two paintings.
Wang Er in bean curd factory worker, the smog in Beijing in winter is purple red. This is because the city has millions of small coal stove, smoke ejected with sulfur dioxide to. When the sun struggled through the smoke, the other colors in the zenith. This color is similar to the smoke he had seen in his childhood. For color, Wang Eryou particularly good memory. But whether you believe it or not, he believed, is actually a color blind. I knew he was colour blind, he did not go to study painting, so you can give yourself to save a lot of trouble.
Wang Er in the tofu factory when the workers, we do not know he is blind, when not a painter in the future. On the contrary, they only know the fingers of his right hand is always black, while others don’t. This shows that he often took the charcoal sketch, others is not painting. The toilet wall nude is charcoal painting. In addition, painting in the white walls of a naked woman, although it is a simple and straightforward style of writing, only Liao bits of a few lines, the lines is very sophisticated, obviously are often drawn to draw out. These things are enough to prove that he has drawn these pictures. After the woman was drawn out, and has been on the toilet, people live together peacefully. Until someone with a fine pencil had a rough organ and a name on it, the problem becomes serious. According to his view, the original painting and later to add something is obviously not a person. But no one is willing to listen. Others put the toilet wall repainted, but after a few days, and people in the bathroom painted such a woman, and once again added the same thing, this is simply deliberately out of mischief. You know, people beside the woman Tim’s name is “old Lu”, the old Lu is the name of factory leader (director of the Revolutionary Committee). The old Lu was mid forties, chubby, two Danzi, like faces wipe the rouge like flushed, in fact, nothing to wipe. She speaks like a quarrel, sometimes hair like a peacock like upright. She is the head, that is to say, she is sent to the above. She did not like her, the complex interpretation of rot, sell tofu. But no one wants to commit to her. At that time there was no evidence that the king two painting of the painting, she often toward the king two to pounce, to tear the king two face. Fortunately, there is always someone who can stop her. Then she spit at Wang Ertu. Spit to spit quasi need some practice and vital capacity, old Lu does not have this condition, so little spit Wang, spit to others.
The woman on the toilet in the painting above the urine pool, knelt to proceed Yang in the back of the head, somewhat like Denmark the celebration of Hans Christian Andersen’s mermaids, but also raises the behind was dressing the posture. The rough organs painted on the belly, not local. Illustrate this in the picture chaos Tim lack basic knowledge of human anatomy, if the old Lu that really looks so on, add to the abundance of her life difficult. Those who come under her urinate, urine after she raised her head to have a look at the same time, a few Duosuo. Then he packed his clothes and went out. My guess is that several Duosuo, nameless painters paint out this woman — a total in five seconds, but the five seconds almost can let a lifetime of the mold Wang Erdao.
Wang Er in bean curd factory worker is in 1973, when Beijing city is very dilapidated. This is because the city was poorly dressed. At that time, there is no fashion, no so-called romantic, we have no property. No music, no movie, bored in, everyone wants to find someone else’s trouble.
1973 years long past, erotica in the toilet is a very common thing, like old Lu nor very novelty. So we can see the above discussion, just look at a piece of stale news picture, don’t think it has any attractive place. There is only one situation that will make this happen, and that is the king who is the two who happens to be you. Take this into consideration, everything is different.