Technology is changing so quickly, now it’s getting harder to remember life on the Internet before Twitter came along.

You may feel a bit nostalgic for the good old days of email and text messaging, but the cold, hard reality is that Twitter is how the cool kids communicate these days.

If you don’t get on board, you and your blog will be left behind. It’s time to ask your followers to engage with your content and spread the word. reckons: “If retweeting is the action you wish your readers to take, the best way to persuade people to do it is to motivate them to by asking.”

They’re absolutely right. And here are five handy hints to get you started:

1. Say Please

The word “please” occurs more often in Tweets that are retweeted than it does in tweets that are not. Seems like manners count even on the Internet. Be polite and your followers will reward you.

2. Time It Right

There are certain times of day when everyone in the office is choosing to check the goss on Twitter rather than writing those reports they have due. Find them, and make sure you join in the tweeting frenzy. The more activity, the more likely you are to get retweeted.

3. Link It Together

Tweets with links get way more action than tweets that don’t. Missing the links means missing the boat.

4. Get Social Proof

It’s a pretty simple concept: the more times your tweet gets retweeted, the more times its likely to. And obviously if you can get someone with four million followers to retweet you, you’ve got it made.

5. Add Value

How exactly does one add value in 140 characters or less? It’s those pesky links again. Linking to “valuable” content like how-to articles, news or contests is an easy way to bring your retweet numbers up to the mark.

Obviously there’s no way to become a Twitter wizard overnight. But as  David Risley  succinctly puts it: “If people find your tweet interesting, they’ll pass it on.”