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Assumption is that work for the public

Assumption is that work for the public
67 I “took the pen and sword” to come home to explain it this way: I used this method to their fight for a piece of territory. Although this building under the siege of the others, but they came in without attack. Although this building has anyone but me, but they and I are a group of, say this building is a part of me. Although this building would be quite legitimate, but things were not legitimate. The main is here I could do what I wanted to do, but the first thing to do is not let people rushed in and grab it out of my hand back. So the first thing I do is put it into impregnable fortress. I had done everything but still can’t keep it. Then I didn’t belong to my domain.
I fought in the the building, high spirits, do everything with pleasure. I was done in a day, a year get the job finished now (presumably to the public). If Freud explained that he would say that because I was too young, in a period of sexual anus, since the libido no outlet, so encourage them. I think such a view is wrong. Arse is too small, does not explain how I was in high spirits.
When we keep the building at night without too much work, just can’t sleep, called somebody else touched camp. So a NAP, were two back arrived back. There is a female college student, not surnamed Huang was named blue, no longer is the surname Hong, in short, is a colour-every time I arrived back to her. Asleep is arriving in the evening, when you wake up in the morning must be held together. Sometimes also put her face on her breasts. It also shows that I am not in the anus.
If I could get, for example, can prove male sexuality never had a period of anus, only pretentious. At that time looked down on everything and people they don’t like, including old men, old ladies, children, including and most are not the same – the girls. Although would like to play with them, did not admit that on the head.
The worst thing I did, was told x Seahawks college students, a man of the named color, also told her that, college student surnamed color comb two identified child, like a Brown knitted cushion back. Old and she asked how do name the color of a person trouble as hell. I told her last name College students of color is a female, she asked endlessly, the old ask where the person was, it looks like gay.
Female college students about the surname colors, where there is one more point to add, and that’s when I’m awake, think she’s in trouble. For example, I’m on top of the five-floor, and a group of people sweating layout bowling Lei Shi, ready to hit all the intruders dead, they heard her on the second floor called me, quickly ran to spark provocative. Call me what you guess – I eat noodles. I stayed in this building, destroying his house, sold their interests, and a louse, is to
Eat this without oil and salt served in a mug in the noodles? I’m very disgusted her, and think she’s micromanaging. But it was when I was awake. I fell asleep, or thinks he is asleep when her hug, Kiss, caress her breasts with both hands. When you do such a thing, she pinched my arm, arm blue printed the next day grew. This shows that such a thing happened. But no matter how she pinched, I didn’t wake up. In addition to not wake up, like everything else and while awake. For example, lit a lantern in the aisle, light red, yellow, drift. Underground there are a lot of straw, gives an impression of the building. I didn’t think it was in my home for more than 10 years. College student surnamed color there is a fudge flavor in the mouth. Her bra had four buttons on the left, solutions that are difficult. In the confusion set has more buttons than my body the rest of buttons, this means a woman is simply not stick. I have decided to treat this as a dream, no matter how she pinched and wouldn’t wake up. This thing I didn’t tell x Seahawks, despite what she asked. I think to tell her that it is not appropriate.
College student surnamed color looks very beautiful eyebrows and hair is very dark, very white skin. When I get close to her always erect, and I also know that erectile dysfunction is going to do, but I refused to do. She never thought why I won’t–I was afraid of exposing myself a wet quilt. Finished wet sound is in trouble. If she can get, it will comfort me that early: it doesn’t matter anyway, everyone is a wet quilt, and she’s not afraid of trouble. Then she told me so, but it was what happened later. At that time I was busy planning a variety of actions, to climb from the gutter to the factory at night and steal tools, my building was converted into a a termite nest. I have a plan, then two layers of our ground floor, plus one layer on the ground, and has shipped two tons of steel, there are a lot of cement and steel. If the plan is done, you can here the 21st century. But the project is not finished.
I’ll tell x Seahawks for six or seven years, said college student surnamed color even if it came to an end. From then on she would no longer care about other, asking only one thing. I think my main problem is felt, and I beat him because I love him. X Seahawks don’t even listen to these words. She said me this sentence: told you and “named colors” problem, else don’t speak!

Inspiring stories–select is always greater than the effort

Italy world super tenor lukanuo·pawaluodi there was a time of confusion. When he graduated from a teachers ‘ College, he is caught in a bitter thought was selected to be an ordinary teacher after graduation. Still engaged in their favorite singing career? or both?
This is indeed a problem. Pavarotti studied education in College, but he felt more like singing. What do it? in the ideological struggle after a fruitless, he had to ask his Baker father.
After the father mused for a moment, his son said. Well, children, and remember-if you want to sit in two chairs at the same time, then you may have in the space between the chairs on the floor. Life demands that you could pick a Chair to sit on …
Pavarotti after hearing my father’s words, and finally made up my mind, and in the art of singing hard and unyielding to travelling on the road, until it becomes a radiant world superstar.
On our side, everyone is eager for success and are eager to prove themselves, hoping to get ahead, and who is not a lack of effort. Or midnight oil in their studies or work overtime, but only to let them down. They always say to other people. I’ve been trying hard, and why do not get the results you want?.
Success is inseparable from the efforts, but you should listen to different stories, although his horse ran so fast, and he who has one of the best drivers in cart, but he wanted to go to the South, carriage driving direction is North, and his horse run faster, farther away from your destination. The same way, if you’re trying to do right, do you think you will achieve your desired goal? the answer is definitely no.
Just like Pavarotti, interested in if he did not choose his own singing career, but chose to become an ordinary teacher, so that he could have made such achievements?
In our life, they will be faced with many choices, an option means a direction change. Therefore choose life, is essential for a person.
Someone once said that your life is your choice a few years ago, and today you choose will determine your life in the coming years. This sentence makes sense. We are all familiar with the world’s richest man Bill Gates, if he hadn’t dropped out of the Faculty of law at Harvard University, then he would not have set up the computer, there would be no subsequent Microsoft, and he would not become the richest man in the world, and is likely to become a lawyer. In a sense, it is that the choice of dropping out, Bill Gates made this.
In addition, we can also see that some success is achieved only after he had made the right choice. As we all know, Lu Xun was studying medicine. But he felt the treatment of a person’s soul is more important than the treatment of a person’s body, thus he abandoned medicine for literature, and wrote many popular essays and novels, becoming one of the most influential writers in China.
Similarly, we can also see that some people because of their own bad choices and make their own brush with success. For example, some people are always envious of civil servant posts, think easy, secure, salaries for civil servants are also good, so apply again and again. But because they do not understand what has drawbacks, such as not good at organizing, leadership and interpersonal, result, they are not good at communicating with people in the interview had been eliminated, and waste a lot of time and money, and to influence their work.
Dale Carnegie said. The right choice and for their tireless efforts, and will create miracles … Choice for success, is a prerequisite. A correct choice will make one twice in his career, but a wrong choice will make a person a lifetime of mediocrity.
All in all, a person has a right to choose to have a correct direction, only a correct position in order to ensure that their efforts were not in vain. Thus, to a certain extent, choice is always greater than the effort.