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From the United States came back

From the United States came back, I went to a Research Institute for artificial intelligence work. Half of the people who are coming from the Liberal Arts will be diverted,

Paper, philosophy, and so on. And half are science, math, physics, and so on. These people’s understanding of artificial intelligence, with the exception of

Its abbreviation is called “AI”, where there is no agreement. They argued met, I kept silent. If they ask me

Opinion, I say: you are right, listening to long. Now they are discussing the name change, a group of people going to the

Changed to “Institute of human wisdom”, another person intends to change name to “Institute for Advanced Intelligent” because disagreement, no change

。 To ask for my opinion, I say: good good. In fact, I barely knew what “AI” is not at all know what “intellectual

Hui “do not know” high intelligence “is something. In my opinion, it should be some magical things. I know, amazing thing

Does not exist at all. But when I called in the morning intelligence work or Institute for higher intelligence, quietly sitting in the Office

The public rooms. This is called playing deepest. But to think that he is supposed to have wisdom, or intelligent, she is trouble. Only let me

Lift the spirits is put on work clothes to help reference room to move. Reference room constantly move from floor to floor, and then moved from the floor to the first floor, each

Time is two weeks. Finished moving again, so I haven’t seen it opening the door. When we moved I fenyongdangxian, sweating, although each

White to move, but I don’t feel duped.

When someone is King at first hand, and his right hand will reach out and grab each other’s wrists (involuntarily), regardless of how fast each other hides, which

Catch a multitude of losing. This is because the King was a child fights with others too hold others wrists, and the play is so much. Now Wang is not

A child, no one found the King fighting, but suddenly put his hand up, he could not help but to catch, no matter who. He knows it

If Saudi Arabia made this problem, ten to one it will be cut off hand, so try to restrain these faults. Most recent attacks are three

Years ago, when King in the United States to study, and broke into the restaurant dishes, there is a Thailand waitress to pick up the plate, took the no brush

A stack of plates. Right hand suddenly fly out, grabbed their wrists. Although only very few seconds the King let loose and tell her

These are not ready yet, other, but the whole night that Thailand ladies at two Sao’s first appearance, got off work and sat in his car home

。 According to a person familiar with the lady told King, the faster you don’t see, and seem to live, get my heart fluttered, half-pins and needles

。 Play with as a child and the King’s children each have their own problems, someone who likes to pinch someone’s neck, some like others crotch kicks, not sure if they are

Well not self-inflicted.

Bean curd factory, until when we all think that King had made, he lost confidence in himself. Balao was felt to cheer two

, Says you can try again. Later, he also put forward specific proposals, for Wang to find x Sea Hawk. King said he did not know that there is a x-Sea Hawk.

He said no, the person here. This is all the more strange, names sounds like a female name, and grinding soybean milk has never been a woman on the tower to. Rear

Felt Pakistan had repeatedly warned that the King remembered day in the fall, is about a woman, all dressed up in old military uniforms, a pair of rubber boots, from his

They called the hole in the door to climb in. In the winter, they used cotton curtains block up. This House still has a few holes, called

The window plug above the plastic sheeting. House with a tall tank in the Middle, they soak beans in it. In addition, ground soy milk for grinding

, Electric motors should have. That day two stood leaning against the wall with his hands under his arm, is to think about things. To the human eye sees

, But didn’t see it. Mat said, King often make such problems, eyes, stood and said in the answers. For example,

Said, he asked the King, complex plant knock tube, you go or I go? Whether anyone can answer, King was Purring call. So they and the King

Second talk, he answered the question what is a mystery-he did not want to know the answer. She turned several laps in the House, he came to the King’s side, and

To press the switch. But Wang was stunned and did not fall asleep, holding her. If she pressed the button, the results must be very bad. This screw

Rotary hoists will be rumbling started, soybeans will come, the water tank, and felt Pakistan was bottom red sludge. That sink is narrow and deep, from the inside

To chop people out is not easy. King actually stood there is involved, shouldn’t the Seahawks come, out of this, he also has the responsibility

。 But this guy just keep a straight face she said into the workshop not to move, and then let go of her. Meanwhile, BA heard, felt ring

, And shouts the King, you what ghost? This is no joke thing! Like two people, they lives into his hands

And rest assured that is out of the question. She is in trouble, and quickly slipped. Therefore the King even met her, but they’re

What not to remember. Only remember faces very average, but is in good health. Later said he felt the Israeli-Palestinian, there was a man, self-righteous XX show

Guide, press switch anywhere. This one is called “belly cut, pretend the second x.” These x refers to genital mutilation, an x is

Female genital mutilation, two x refers to male genitalia. Two weekday language style is evident here. Mat said, that’s the one, she is

New technician, is now the League. He also said, the man makes a mistake such as Wang will move closer to organization, no way. At that time King

Second, 22 years old, is the age of the deal, the Communist Youth League. If the inclusion of the Communist Youth League to help educate, not to reform-through-labor. Most

Code factory, before sending the King go, but also to help Youth League declared invalid. In this context he also can help the King some busy, because in his Youth League

Surface was a member. The King, this is a life-saving way, felt went to ask for him. Didn’t hold out much hope, soon

The echo. The sea eagle to climb to the Tower told the King, saying, welcome the King organization’s arms. From now on, Wang was a less advanced youth,

135 this afternoon should find her report each week. From now on he would be free in the fields, and assure her of his life. She also said,

Will send the King to the workshops of the factory, she firmly blocked. She said she was sure transformation of the King. This way, the King breathed sighs of relief. First,

Finally there is a little chance for survival. Second, felt after Pakistan, he has been guilty of. Now he knows this guy. If it weren’t for him

Betrayed the King, x-how do Seahawks know the King besieged by Lu, pee in the roof the previous drum.

I went to x when the Seahawks for the first time, she said to me: you don’t have to pee into the drum. I immediately thought I felt Pakistan urine how do I

Urine told x Seahawks, and no one told me how she pee’s. It told me to have a feeling of being duped. In fact knowing

How can I pee is not enough to fool me. But if she knew everything to me, I knew nothing about her, I still have

Fool. My problem is that the sight of his own has the potential to fool, they will feel that they have experienced a pull.

If I had to draw x Seahawks, I put in pictures

I beat mats bar

About I’m not as good, it can prove: I then came to United States to study abroad, work waiting tables in a restaurant. Some strange foreign girls too old I table for dinner, tip is particularly high. In addition, some words I don’t understand. And after a few days, the boss is not in the foreground, let me to the back washing dishes. He also said that none of his business, is another guest told him I so risque. My face is a little hard, wear black clothes and had no problems. Black skin was my habit at an early age, I just figure it’s stain-resistant by the mill, who is not to tease. But if I were a good man, would not wear black leather clothing, no matter how dirty it is wear-resistant.

Beat I felt before the bar, grabbed his collar and screaming in the first two or three minutes, “thieves” and the people called out of the bath. I was shown completely naked, still have soap scum. Felt Pakistan was embarrassed and angry, and didn’t open, in spite of the slap me. The whole matter in my calculations, for fighting this thing at any time who is the first hands on who is wrong. Wait until you see after he hit me first, I began to hit him. Felt Pakistan half undressed, and upper body were wearing sweaters, below half wearing long Johns to the mouth, protruding from the mouth of his half-childish xxxxLike cats mouth exposed half of fish guts; far from me what not to wear quickly. Hands I took before his eyes, and saw these before we started playing. On the first punch hit him in the right eye, and a black eye. Immediately I could see one eye black is white does not look good, well-intentioned and a punch to the left eye, Pakistan felt quite nice. On this point there where you want to add: first, felt Pakistan white skin, big eyes, and second, his eyelids. Finally, he is the hollow eye sockets. In short, black the benefit increase after charming the eyes. Winery chef give me applause. I may be a bit carried away, forget that fighting it is who bash others who wrong. At I light with ass, playing have is excited, in erectile dysfunction State, that things straight Alice Alice of, seems a ancient of Sinan (Sinan is guide needle of predecessor, is paint disc in a put magnet spoon, spoon total is refers to with South–and I this Sinan refers to have is is felt BA), later he complained said: playing I playing have good proud–are straight has! Of course, this is caused by a misunderstanding, I have a lot of ancient Greece of pottery painting pictures, draw a number of naked runner, can prove that the person straight in the violent movement. Beat felt Pakistan was a violent sport. This is because elevated levels of epinephrine, without meaning, not to show you I’m a sadist. I also was injured, Tenosynovitis were made by hand, but later on, I did not dare to mention this, because it is his fists into them upon collision, a problem. I beat him on a result that he backs the notoriety of a steal-even though he is my Pocket assigned tasks, but it’s a secret (undercover), The leadership would never have admitted they had sent someone to search the pockets of workers; I got a heart and hands of ruthless gangsters. In my view, such an outcome is fair, we can smite, but he sat in on a class at Toolbox, don’t do a live, staring at me like a top XX. After I was nasty, said felt, and don’t think you yourself. For me to think of it, I am careless, just in case one day accidentally putting charcoal in his pocket, in cash to the factory to be found by you, not finished! I don’t pummel you into it? This sentence to be checked out. He complained that I beat him like rogue, all hands under. That said, he admits that I beat him was justified, but shouldn’t have played so hard. I had reason to say about this: first, if the charcoal in my pocket, he searched out consequences are unthinkable, so is his first hands; second, if he was fighting, I can’t beat him like that, so this is his own fault. So the two of us arguing. In rhetoric and in the fight, he was no match for me. Fight then he cried worthless.

Felt Pakistan was made, green on the eyes hurt again after a long time away. During that time his eyelids with Black Lace, looked, and can also see black particles from the sunken place emanates. In that time, I looked at my own work for a long time. Anyway, that is two pieces of beautiful things.

Felt the Israeli-Palestinian children are to learn, often asks me some questions on the job, sometimes geometry, sometimes some allusion, I tried to answer him. He once asked me: what is “felt Pakistan to stamp”, which baffled me. I asked where he was from, he didn’t tell me. Later I figured out, must have been on the dream of! XX Pakistan is hair on a dream of Red mansions (–I suspect was made by Cao Xueqin’s words), he felt Pakistan recognize. Then I called him a blanket, and felt, small carpets, and so on. One night I heard on the shortwave a Beatles song, sang the day according to the score the next day at work: felt-felt-felt-felt-felt-felt-felt. Someone heard me call him blanket bar, also followed the call. Felt Pakistan had heard this name will go on the rampage at the beginning, and I (of course, he also knew what felt Pakistan was meant), but not my body, I grabbed my wrist out of the way. Then everyone called him a blanket, and he had no choice but to agree. He had no other names, called mat bus. Who wants to he hate me, even going to go into the plot to persecute me. That means he is a lowlife. But he did not agree with this assessment, and retorts that if he called I felt, and I agreed, that he would admit that he is a lowlife. I didn’t make the test with him, because he is a scumbag, not the scumbag, anyway, my problem has been contracted. In this case, why should I go to admit felt Pakistan was it?

I punch felt Pakistan was out, beat him bad, old LU on the phone with the police called, let them catch me. But her voice was too big, way too weird, but police have long had in mind. They did not catch me, first went to the hospital to see mat bus. Felt this time Pakistan showed the manliness of a man, told the police that, both of us laughing, the King suddenly dropped his hurt. He also said that we were buddies, if I was caught, he will be very sad. Police comrades after hearing these words, then turned and went back, it won’t come to call. But this only temporarily so I was safe because of old Lu has these remarks, every meeting he said: a rogue like King, hit the killer, scoundrel, why do we have to defend him? Such rhetoric, the tofu to mention Conference agenda, we are fed up. In addition, she heads is, after all, well, we started to hate me. I’ve heard that factory bosses have decided to take me out at the first appropriate opportunity, can send me labor reform-through-labor, can send me RTL re-education through labour, a word I can never go back to. In addition, all workers are no longer sympathetic. Lunch before I get to the skylight in the kitchen hung dinner and lunch boxes, Chef Rob to give me food. Old Lu yell said not to give him food, Chef still dare to talk back: who is iron and rice are steel, how can you not let people eat? Not now, people don’t give me rice, added: you guys go down, hide won the grade one can’t hide 15: Wow! Also felt Pakistan give me rice, or had to go hungry at noon. It is the real meaning of my business to make. As a villain, if life doesn’t make things, you can also enjoy the life. If committed, just asGay had AIDS, will soon be finished.

Everybody hates me, I cannot hate you, this attitude was called against humanity. I cannot hate Lu, she is the head. I just hate that painting a nude woman, call me back a bag of people, vowed that if caught to beat him. But even I can’t figure out who he is. BA said, felt, had the King, you don’t play. Here we are two people. This point was 22 I have healed, almost believe I painted those pictures, but I remember not sleepwalking problems. Moreover, far from my home to the factory, swim swim here. The mystery over three years, that is, to 77 years to uncover. That year we had a guy named Wo TOU was admitted to the Academy of fine arts. Wo TOU said he had a three-point one account:

1, he is male or female;

2, he will speak;

3, he no long dark eyes–it was because he was too much roll. How to think of small tofu factory, except me, can still draw, and there is no color blindness, surprise addition forgot to hit him.

When I was young

When I feel like I was born bad, would in future disaster six three difficult and constantly. Although it does not like the idea of a child, but it is a fact. On this point I have a lot to add. At the beginning of the novel, when I call himself King, quietly began to tell about a place, but will change the tone, told in the first person. There is one thing I have to do. I ran to the school playground as a child, saw a purple sky, that I can be told in the third person, until I cut my arm up. This is because the third-person with virtual components, and has left a scar on my arm. About cut my arm, the virtual end.

At the age of six I cut my arms, crying, thinking: just my luck! Still don’t know what disaster is waiting for me. Now when I play bridge like this, before looking at the cards at a time, always saying a sentence: I do not know what is dumb! If playing the game, opponents repeatedly shook his head. But the thing is that I am not a gentleman that only I was a hopeless pessimist. At the age of 22, I was old in the bean curd factory, Shandong, catch running around, there is this sort of idea. And felt I was in a bar can testify that I was old, he said: I had bad luck, because the fuwushuangzhi, a double whammy. Sure enough, after a few days, I felt the Israeli-Palestinian beat up and broke his rib cartilage on the tip.

Felt Pakistan NET NET this guy was white, although half a head taller than me, but have no strength at all. Eyes like a dragonfly, slip shoulder, pectus excavatum, his voice low, but it is a sissy. His penis is childish, phimosis. This guy knew everything I had to, because both of us all the way to the winery take a bath, I hit him and are also related to the shower. I never imagine meeting one day to beat him up, this is because he is the only dude in the factory, hit him about what others thought of me? But because of a bad year, the thing happened should not have happened.

The King felt the Israeli-Palestinian thing is this: the previous afternoon, someone else to take over when he felt said felt, we go to the winery take a bath, you hold the bar of SOAP. BA did not speak, felt, just take SOAP to catch up. Which makes him think this guy didn’t speak, it is very suspicious. Winery bathroom dressing and finished off, felt the Israeli-Palestinian and let him go in first. After he went into the bath, turn back immediately, see felt Pakistan put his hand into his jacket pocket, first felt the left side of the Pocket and touch the right side of the Pocket, pulled out from the inside of a half smoke. Which made him immediately think of carbon felt Pakistan was found in the Pocket. Talked about here, I cannot call himself King, it is because there was a feeling that enough to express without having to first-person. As far as I know, 10,000 people at most, there is a cut forearm completely at age six, in the same way, there would only be 10,000 people suspected of counter-revolutionary pictures, searched his pockets for treatment. This one in miles feels like winning a big jackpot. Feels there is a test tube full of ice water was poured into the brain to the head a point.

Of course, the search layout – I was the leader of the search of the suspect’s pockets, looking for charcoal-painted counter-revolutionary pictures-but also felt Pakistan searched my pockets. I was very angry, but still didn’t expect to beat. Later in the tub, looking at his naked, suddenly feel that beat him. The next day he cut my pocket when I had completely figured out how to beat him. Could have beat him to silence, who wants to hand out, unexpectedly playing x light come to harm, this falling into the wrong level. But that didn’t mean it, when I was a kid, and fights back to beat each other’s ribs, never interrupting anything, if I know his ribs broken will never go there.

After those pictures of our factory, yelling at the LU, to call the police and ask them to solve the case. Police pushed into the police station, the police station was a policeman at the, says it’s up to you to solve it. At last the company section to a soiled clothing is full of old Liu, glowed on his face is covered with exhilarated, handheld-40 large Zeiss camera, took a picture into the toilet, consumes a baby fist sized flashbulbs. The light bulbs used magnesium foil like stuffed with pieces of torn paper, after the Flash, it becomes white and opaque, like cataract of the eye. But the photo did not, because photos forgot to put plate. Let him make it can’t, because that was the last one flashing light bulbs, never, want to buy is not a. Which, apparently, is not seriously old Lu’s business. The old Liu and I know, as I think he is a real bad guy, and I was his life has never been. Old Lu was angry himself to solving the case, gathered all the good (party members accumulate points) meet. I think they are the first steps is King found conclusive evidence of the crimes. This guy felt the Israeli-Palestinian, is one of the participants.

Something about those pictures, and some may be added. If you are old Lu, life in the dull times, every day except for one Chinese-style jacket and felt facial hair nest had nothing to wear, in addition to carrying a black leather bag at the meeting had nothing to do, of course, be bored to death. These paintings are now in the men’s toilets, led her to become the Centre of attention, she excited, of course, want to make a difference. This I can understand. I can understand, but why would she choose me under the bus. Now, I think probably because I always wear black leather clothing, or because I wanted to be a painter. Whatever go, I looked like a nice guy, this is beyond doubt.


I am now forty years old, not a painter, nor a mathematician, but not to do tofu workers, but an engineer. This was a surprise to everyone, including those of my family and the people who had known me, but I didn’t feel surprised at all. Take time to push back when I was young, there was a period of time before the door is a large barn, then the scars on my hands have long. Look down from my two floor balcony and saw a large cellular place, because these chickens are separated by a wide variety of materials in space. There are three plates, in those materials in the tin, limbs and so on, the original idea is to use these things you can put the chickens in the inside will not let them out, but no matter what time you can see a lot of chicken in the circle of the open space between the strutting back and forth, and everywhere can smell the smell of chicken droppings, like and without the filter of camel cigarettes taste. In addition to the barn open space in front of the building, the balcony upstairs also raised on a chicken. A cock often took off in the downstairs, flying to the balcony of my top four floor. I can judge when it takes off from the attitude of its walking, so I seldom miss the scenes of the take-off. It is usually on the ground in a squat, then jumped into the air desperately flapping its wings, it rose. According to my observation, it can only overcome the instantaneous gravity, vertical rise, not able to fly freely; because it is often not on the balcony, and splashing down from the air lara. I was watching the chicken fly on the balcony is very fascinated, but do not know what this means. Over the past thirty years, I went to the U.S. city of Saint Louis, posing in the famous stainless steel arches and a vertical landing Harrier, just take a hint of regret to remember this thing. This is because the shape of the plane and the cock is very much like that, it is more like a fly. My upset is because I think it should be invented by me. All these things are to be explained in addition to climbing, and my life has a theme, that is, the invention. This is my inherent nature, although I have not yet invented what great things so far.
When I was starving, at that time in front of our house is full of chickens. But if you think China university is all wrong — that chicken is not a long time, and not just the chicken, also raised a lot of rabbits, because rabbits can also be killed by eating. Not only is the lack of food, but also the lack of everything. But the lack of things does not include money, but money is not what to buy tickets, in addition to containing only water and popsicle sticks. Money such things if you can not buy things on the no use, wipe the buttocks are too hard, but also illegal. Even the vegetables are to be a ticket, this is even the most support of socialism my father also felt too much. One day in the house heard someone downstairs shouting: do not want food tickets spinach le! My grandma sent me to buy it. Buy back a bunch of spinach, stand up better than me. Can only be used to feed the rabbit, not chickens, because the chicken choke. My grandmother is a little old lady from the countryside, she bit her fingers and say: never seen such old spinach! Later she moved a brain, wanted to extract from the spinach fiber to the shoes, but did not succeed. This shows that my grandmother who also has the character of the invention. But if the stomach absolutely empty, everyone will have a maggot in one’s head.

When I was small, no toilet paper, my dad had five eight years of promotional materials sent to the toilet, let us use it to wipe my ass. There are a lot of things in the materials that were created by the invention. I saw them in the bathroom, and gradually became a mystery. At the same time, my brother and sister played a team in front of the toilet, hold back the door with his fists, but I can’t hear. The invention has some very general, such as what made a wooden bead ball bearing, with the pot boil dung as fertilizer and so on, have a little imagination. But there are some very good. For example, this one: if there is a pig, in general feeding conditions can only grow eight two per day, the invention can let it grow to a pound and a half, the law is to use a pound of peanut oil, add egg yolk two. It is said that the feed pigs not only fat, meat is very tender. At that time I thought of the invention is good, but not perfect. Should a little more soy sauce and cooking wine in, make it ranging from under the knife was turned into a huge Guangdong sausage. To say the truth, with the invention of the rub, I feel sad. Of course, not only to be used to wipe the bottom is the invention, there are other things. For example, there are a lot of oil copies. Not only we are engaged in five eight years of invention, and everyone to participate in writing poetry, poetry contest. My brother went to school in grade five eight in three years. He was so hungry that he could not sleep at night. He read his poems:
If you want to come,
All efforts.
He also told me that to communism, the eye of the small steamed bread (steamed bread on the eye is too big, eat not top hungry). This poem I still find mimeograph poems marked, is the third grade elementary school student Wang made. I do not hesitate to use my brother works as a toilet paper. I was only nine years old, also think this is doggerel. I just like to invent. My older brother had discovered that I liked the invention, and he also asserted that I had an amazing talent in this area. But until now, I can not play this ability.
After talking to the Communist Wotou, feel more hungry, so we’re trying to sneak out of the house and steal home in carrots. Tender carrots are not sweet, so they are not good at all. From small to large, I have done this a bad thing. And I have a good time with this bad thing. This can show how clean I am.
About five eight years of great inventions and poetry contest, there is need to add local. It is not as romantic as I was when I was young. For example, the invention of the invention is an indicator, we must put forward three thousand inventions every month in this university, and make thirty thousand poems. Index of this kind of thing, all romantic rivals. If there is superior to my wife and the index of weekly sex three times if I will put their hacked off. If the index of this thing out, great inventions and poetry contest is very good. It’s a pity that it’s the only one that’s causing you to die. For a while we were eager to invent ways to stop the hunger, and I also wanted to break my head.
When I was hungry, I was green, the most happy moment is before meals, because you can eat. The most unfortunate moment is the meal, because there is nothing to eat. A few days later (twelve years old), suddenly felt all over budejin, as if sick, like a changed man. Think carefully, it is because I am not hungry. Full after the invention of the desire has receded, but I have invented many things, including a match head loading pistol, do a crossbow and launch bicycle. I use these weapons to hunt, no matter to what to eat, burn. Has a back to eat a small hedgehog, long a body of lupus erythematosus like a knot in one’s heart. So I got my dad a good fight.

Wang Er’s work

There is a tall tower in the factory, Wang Er is in the top of the house in the house of milk. Later, he was not in the tofu factory, but also often dreamed of the tower. If Freud is to say, this means that what is self-evident, not to mention the white milk always come down from the top of the tower, flow to the workshop. Soya bean milk for bean curd factory is as important as water to a city. Actually you don’t need a Freud, as we all know the tower like, people say: the tower in our factory is like denjiu. That is to say, the tower on the pants to wear the. Go up the ladder is climbing the chimney tower foot ladder, this is because of the work in the tower are male workers. Send pipeline of soya bean milk is mid air and the roof, along which they and milk as accessible in the factory, so he also rarely down to, this is think of late Italian writer Italo Calvino’s novel “in the tree climbing Baron”, the writer of my work is to read a hundred tire. Old Lu saw this scene in the underground, on the torn throat shouting, let the king down two. Two but the king ignored her, this is because the cold pipe is blocked not frozen, he is hurrying to dredge. She saw two from across the courtyard of the pipeline through, holding a glimmer of hope, hope king would slip and fall down, she catches. But he has gone on for several years, never stumble. Is occasionally lose balance, is also at most a few steps like bowling like flowers, fall off yet far off. If she can do it, will pick up the coal to beat him. But in the winter, a fat woman wear Chinese jacket and threw a stone to how high. Her capable of the most deterrent is take the Shan roof long rod feather duster to stab his legs, Wang had returned to the original roof. But after a short while, there will be people in the workshop to knock at the pipe, shouting how to not come out of the milk. Under the old Lu had to pack up a long pole let him in the past — anyway, she is the factory director of the Revolutionary Committee, did not dare to do too much, let factory made no tofu, tofu can be made out, depends on two can go in the past, dredge pipe, make the milk flow past. In addition to the old Lu, Wang Er and the factory where everyone said, he did not draw those paintings. And the king, two, could have said this to the old, but he had no courage to stand before her. He thought that she could not catch me, and let her be the following.
About it, there are some places to be added. Wang Erzhe guy is a small man, only twenty years old, long sideburns, his face was wrinkled, but a root transverse nor, all bristling, naturally curly hair, dark complexion, face Gegedada. Looks very fierce, laugh laugh out, and two pieces of rolling the felt black eyebrows. In winter he wore a motorcycle messenger to wear black clothes to climb the talent pipeline, it is on. Other human limbs and bowed to the ground when how many will feel a bit unnatural, but he seems relaxed and natural, even his legs to the front of the nose also feel natural. Quickly climbed a lap down, a little dirt on the knee. This gives the impression of a cat. These places make you think of odd shape he is a bad guy, but the idea he has somewhat accepted.People say that the old Lu original work in the higher level authorities, because she in there so much noise everyone can’t be peaceful, so put on here as director. She wants to catch king Ershi, always up early every morning to Changkou waiting, but the morning is too cold, so to sit there. Wang Er ride to work, always save with the strength, until the factory’s gate to bike ride to fast. At the same time, shaking bell, the mouth also shouted: “step aside”! She ran out of the house, called Wang stop, while someone stopped him he has swiftly vanish in the factory in the hallway. Wait for her to Soybean Milk tower, two king climbed up the ladder feet long. The tower is only so difficult to climb the ladder can come up, then there is a screw lift machine. If she took the elevator up, will stir up crooked, thin and long, like the Christmas candles, so the two above is safe. As for her shouting, Wang two can not hear. Only consider the thing is she on the ground caught two. It’s like a wild boar catch dogs, in open areas is unlikely. But the factory is not empty, it is a palace of the gossip of battle. Used to build a house, if it is a straight line, people will say that the cover is not good. Is the smallest of the yard, the door has a screen wall to increase the extent of its twists and turns. So in the morning when the two to work, if you haven’t met the old Lu and put her to get rid of every dangerous corner in front, we must stop to review the front of the terrain features, think about if the old Lu on the wall behind the words, how to do, like a good future to go forward. Because of these ideological preparation, so when the back seat of the car a lag, old Lu proudly said: “I can catch you!” When, never panic. These when he tends not to ride in the car, but in the car, one foot standing on the seat, the other foot, as if in acrobatics. She grabbed the back seat, Wang Er just jumped up and caught half the air across the pipeline, it is very natural to turn up, in the air to passers-by said: Master Xu, please give me a bike. The old Lu is in the following hate to the master Xu said, one day catch Wang Er, not bite him a bite. At the same time, her hair from back to front up, like a rickshaw as open shed. Everyone thought the old Lu was a problem, because she had a bad temper. But no one believes that she is a bad guy, because she is a forty year old women. There can’t be a bad guy in this man.

Hours of memories

Five eight years I was from home run out, in the “steel” pile side fell, his arm cut. When I climbed up, I saw a big hole in my forearm, which was a bit of a shiny thing, and it was a good time to be drowned. As a six year old child, of course, can not understand what it is, so then I thought his body covered with white slippery sticky like a wet cotton wool like things. Later at the age of ten seminal emission also don’t feel surprised, because that is just inside the flow out of. Until later painting, read a few of the anatomy of the book, just know that see is your fascia. Fascia is only in a few places, not all of the body. But my dad pulled me captain of the hospital, and the doctor with thick needle big line to sew me, I think he is a thing with a wet quilt, foolishly forgot to cry. The doctor, concern said: Lao Wang, the child mind has no problem? My father said no, he always said a idiotic, chisel chestnut on my head, I played wow sound. And then I saw my dad, “he said excitedly,” that’s right. Then I saw clips in my flesh penetrated the piercing, wailing sound over a sound, he felt too noisy, in my head and a chisel chestnut, crying is a sound low down, I began to think of yourself as a quilt. My father in a very short time even made six children, is the so-called radish fast don’t wash mud, as long as the head of a chisel chestnut can cry out, he is very satisfied. This thing that looks dull, like a very simple, and the sentimental heart, pessimism, this is my nature. But although I was weary, did not think there will be such a blind.
The Museum of modern art, when I was a child I lived and I later went to university in Brussels is two place is not the same. The former is a large courtyard of the four four square, which is also the cement buildings in the four four square, the campus of the road flat vertical, lack of poetic. But the Belgian Museum of modern art is a deep underground wells, like a spiral staircase around the gallery wall stretched down. There is a fountain at the bottom of the well and a very lovely lawn. Although these two places is not so, but because Dudley and big steel-making, they in my mind are inseparable.
58 years I have seen other scenes, for example, in the stadium lights on the experimental field, the light Tunghsiao immortal, is said to the crops growth is good, but the whole world mosquito and moth full attracted, formed dozens of rotating beam, magnificent, scary and loudspeakers came the rhetoric. But these are not important, important is the square of the iron and steel and I cut my arm. Everything I had to cut a big hole in my wrist. Later I began to study painting, intended to be a painter, because as this is not enough to express my heart and grotesque — I don’t know Dali is not because of the same reason as a painter. As I was a blind, I have not found. Not only that, but I also think that the power of discrimination is better than all of them. Take a carrot, for example, someone told me that it looks like a red one, but I don’t think so. It is translucent, the appearance of a layer of light purple light, there is a light yellow. Inside, leading to the heart is full of cold carrot, blue. As I see it, it’s cold. So draw the carrot, say it’s what’s the whole. It was said that the school of the school, some people say that Picasso’s blue period, there are people who say that the bourgeois decadent, that is, no one said that it is a carrot. Seven seven years I go to the Central Academy of fine arts, who is also a teacher that There were many discussions. If I pretend to be profound, sat silent, probably passed. And I went to them and said, “I’m the carrot in my eyes.”. Later, I do not know which of the genius of the idea to ask me to go to the hospital to check the eyes. Check out the back, the teacher will roll with laughter, put me out. But is in fact the Department of Ophthalmology a few color picture I didn’t recognize. I can draw a picture, called don’t recognize anyone.My color is like this: I see that the ultraviolet ray is ultraviolet, blue in the heart is infrared. Only the light yellow is visible. In terms of radio, the band of my eyes is very wide. Because I can see everything, so what are careless, in terms of the radio, in the band of visible light eyes I gain is not big enough, if the eye is a pair of antennas. People like me do not fit as artists: ultraviolet, infrared ray, painter, and ultrasonic musicians, no future. But my eyesight is not no good, because they can see ultraviolet light, so some kinds of material for me is almost transparent, wear and wear nothing is the same. When it comes to my summer without eyes; eyes widened, narrowed his eyes to see more clearly. This can not let my wife know, otherwise she’s going to compel me to wear sunglasses, or with sticking plaster to seal my eyes up and send me a white cane, let me walk like a blind man. My art career has ended, but not because I was blind. This is because I don’t want to draw. It is because people do not give me a chance to draw the picture. If they gave me this opportunity, I would be able to see through my eyes, ultraviolet and infrared.

Wang Erhe old Lu

Lao Lu always wanted to catch the king two, but the total is not successful. Her best score is to get one of his shoes. That time is very dangerous, because she is hiding in the corner of the tower waiting, and so on Wang two saw her is very close. Forced king had to in the seat jumped up and caught the top rungs, despite the new bike crash sound fell in the ground. Is this, she also came close to being grabbed his ankle, her shoes was torn off. Then she put the emancipatory shoe hung from the flagpole in front of the office half honor her victory, and announce that, who to do not give, non king himself to take. But when he rode off, one hand, holding a bamboo pole, a pole shoe put up. The time finally is fluky unharmed, not even shoes lost, but the king afraid one day, sooner or later will be on the ladder to mouth hit, there is something to worry about, for example, afraid of riding the express train hit a pregnant woman in the factory (then there are several big belly to work), and so on, so two change the car ride to the next winery, coming from the side walls. The factory and the bean curd factory are still separated by a road, but there is a pipe to steam the air in the air. Wang Er came over from above. Bad is the alley there is always old man walking bird, see king said: such a big man, shabby not shabby, then king had to pretend to not to hear.
The king was old Lu chasing too troublesome, and decided to not run, from the entrance of pushing a bicycle to walk in, thinking: if she dares to bite me, I began to beat her. But decided that determination after, old Lu will no longer to chase the king, even at the gate face-to-face meet, she is not willing to rush toward to come over, but turned to others and speak. This kind of thing is really weird. Before King desperately flee, thought many “thanks to: thanks to him in midair to work, thanks to his childhood love of climbing in the tree house. Fortunately, he is the school gymnastics team, will play the horizontal bar and so on, otherwise the earliest Lu old caught. Later Wang found a little no thanks to: if he could not climb the tree main rooms, do not play the horizontal bar, can not go to the heaven fled, the king will early station in the underground, fists clenched, thinking if old Lu Ganlai pulled him by the collar and, to her face punch, she was a fat face hit flowering. If it is the latter case, the problem has long been solved, simply do not go to play. These lucky and unlucky, coupled with the complexity of the causal relationship, simply put him around the halo.
This is the chase of the story that happened to me. It was 1974, winter air pollution, apart like a toilet erotica and various political movements, almost no what thing for statements. And the political movement is like the weather, said more than the meaning of. At that time, the city wall of Beijing was torn down, and the old city was bare, and the city was short of young people. When I was twenty-two years old, I was a man with long hair. Perhaps because of this, the old Lu decided to catch me. During that time, I often hide in the room, but there are a few times a month to the next, for example, signature collar wages, to the trade unions to get a movie ticket, etc.. As long as the office of the escape into the office, the door plug, it is safe, and the danger is always happening in this way, because it will meet the old lu. Every day of spending, accounting room door there are always a lot of people waiting to see the fun. To this day, the old Lu’s face is better than usual red several times, the hair is also like popcorn machine explosion – in the attack, the face of the enemy, the red, the cobra also want to blow up; these are not important, do not move, it is important to see her attack route. If she stare at my chest, is pulling my collar; if her eyes look down, is to have my legs. No matter where she wants to attack, she rushes to come, you also want to go up. Positive meet the moment, if she raised her hand to catch the collar, I a short body, from her rib climb in the past; if she short body to hold the legs, I according to her shoulders, a vault from on top of her head a somersault turn over. At that time, the old Lu Wang two is our factory, a king, a few times a month. But it’s been a long time ago.
About my stay in the factory, there are a lot of places to add. It in a small alley in Beijing Nancheng, although the alley have been widened, paving the asphalt, but on the side of the road and a lot of break ragged lousy house, the door open to the street. Although there are a few pieces of glass windows, but not tight place also with the window pane paste paper. The foundation of the house than to low street, abnormal low impression on the roof, the dry grass seems to be in front of maomao. Our factory gate stood two concrete pillars, ugly. There is a fierce and so the old Lu waiting for me. All this gives me a feeling that I have a wrong turn. Although it’s not too bad, but it can be said, I’m not mentally prepared for what happened later. My small when can not think there will be so filled with the pulverized coal yard, which in the miscellaneous interpretation of rot, but did not think there would be old Lu to bite me.

Wanted to be a painter

I want to be an artist when I was young, but didn’t make it, because I was blind. I often doubt that they have all kinds of problems, always suspected wrong, for example, I suspect that they have a mental disease, sleep, and so on, are not. Therefore the correct way of doubt is: when you want to be a painter, suspect that he is color blind; want to be a musician, suspected he was deaf; to be a thinker, suspect that he was such a big fool. You wouldn’t want to be that person if you don’t have that problem. Of course, I want to be a painter in addition to color, there are other. These things I will say slowly.
A few years ago, we went to Europe to play summer. At that time, I was a student, I took the summer vacation to play, and I went to my wife, she is also a student. I also worked as a worker, teacher, etc, but when I was a student, I was a student. We visit all kinds of places, and finally to Belgium, Brussels has a modern art gallery, although we do not understand the modern painting, but also to see, said we are a culture of people. The gallery was built under the ground, like a big wells, a spiral from the top to the bottom of the corridor. I walk along the corridor, on the left is the transparent glass walls, the right side is the white walls, the modern paintings hanging on the wall. I walked to the front of a painting by Daly, he painted those empty towers, lower limbs slender, stretching to the cloud men and horses. My right hand suddenly cramped, I do not know what made the index finger huzuohuyou,. Later I discovered that it was struggling to write a traditional word for the word. This problem has been done before, and my dreams, often dream of the red brick wall have a word, like a huge tau. Then I sat in the gallery for a long time, thinking of a small thing. When I was young, I was living in a university, and I ran out of the house one morning and saw a big sign on the brick wall. “For one zero seven zero”, I remember clearly, even though the idea was very clear, but I didn’t know it at the time. I remember the word for word like tau, like a cow tail. If you consider the tail of the antecedents, will think of those little home a riot of colours. I along the wall and walked to the east the playground of the school, there are so many giants to and fro, wearing helmet, holding a spear. I still remember that day is purple, there is a voice of the old down from the sky to the eardrum rupture, so I always stand down, cover your ears, the sound block in the outside. I still remember the time when I was told that the baby was going home, the danger. Generally speaking, I am very timid, I heard the danger, they will hide, but there are exceptions, it is in the dream. I don’t kill a few people without a dream. At that time, I decided that at present is an interesting dream, so I went along with my smile and walked into the wonderful world. To tell the truth, then I saw and Dali painting very similar point. In fact, Daly in 1958 had never been seen China, iron and steel. But he hasn’t seen the steel, may also see other. Thus I of super realism produced a concept, that is some people, childhood and they have a crooked tunnel of time. Of course, it can not be said, it is Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.
Fifty-eight years I go to the playground and go to some strange building, on top of the buildings have many strange shapes of the Yellow chimney, the smoke purple smoke. Those who smoke into the sky, and the purple sky together. This gave me a surreal idea, the sky is coming out of the chimney. But I’m not Daly, I can’t paint the sky on the chimney. In addition, there are a mysterious humming, as if I am in the middle of tens of thousands of flying dung beetle. Later I went to the square, the strange scene disappeared, leaving only a flat square, this phenomenon called I was ecstatic, think this is my dream, is unique to me, so besides me, who also have not heard that came down from heaven and ear splitting voice. With the sound of an unearthly cry, and I have a lot of people flocked to a strange in front of the house, others with spears on the wall tie a hole, from the inside to pick out one regiment red strange things to, something that looks like is a bit like Saqi Ma, somewhat like the cow dung, from afar, feel face burns on, all the people around it was ecstatic, the scene like a primitive religious rites. Now I know, that was the steel steel, is composed of iron pieces. –
– my brother was read in elementary school, he often and a bunch of children of the same age together, ran to a nearby farmer home, shouting “iron and steel”, the others rice pan Jie go, throw poor a dime, and the wok get smashed on the square the — not mixing, scattered on the ground like some broken glass and refining after would stick together. But I thought I was dreaming, ecstatic, although there are a lot of people around, but I think only their own the ecstatic, because since it is a dream, all others are false, only I was really. This ecstasy, and Dali paintings on canvas as like as two peas. Wait until later that the others experienced Daliangangtie, I feel very disappointed.
Later in the gallery in Brussels, I saw a naked man in the painting of Daly, in the lower left corner as cheerful as a lark. That man is probably his own. Although I didn’t go to Spain, but I know there are a lot of strange tower, also some collective neural carnival, to a time when everyone is dressed oddly. So I did not have to see what he was three years old strange phenomenon, thought he had a strange dream, silly happy. Carnival this concept is not difficult, to the age of four or five will be able to understand. What is the meaning of iron and steel, is in his teens but also can not understand. I was five two years old, six years five eight, when I was living in a university. So I also can not understand how croaking tweeter, buzzing is blower, one zero seven zero is a year to a chain of 107 million tons, the giants are some college students, the long gun in the hand is drill rod used in steelmaking, as for Wah Wah invoke the small soil group, a small ocean group is something. I couldn’t understand; not to mention that thing not end, then things in memory disappeared, it is more like a dream. Until I was twenty years old, a scar on the small arm, only to think of it completely. That day, I read the tapping and walked back, in steel on the edge of a fall, the ingot in a pot stubble to my little arm difference a chop it into two halves. This matter is too bad, so stay in memory, with Freud’s statement called depression. Pressed for more than a decade, I thought again, that day I not only shed a lot of blood, and my father is carrying the ears to take me to the hospital. I don’t blame him for that. We have more children, if everyone put his arm cut, no money to eat. Then I think the old, in the oven chain for several hours, the pan film is also to cut my hand, from the perspective of the metallurgy, the stove can be enough to cool. I consulted a teaching professor of metallurgy, open hearth with soil for five eight years, in the end can not steel. First he told me, because as long as you don’t drum the cold air, but the drum of pure oxygen does not burn coal, Mozi, but burn high-quality coke, can achieve steelmaking temperature. And later he told me not to. Because at that temperature and soil open hearth will turn the. Although the soil with open hearth soil, but the soil is not refractory clay brick, it is. On top of those strange chimney is some coarse pottery pipes, that sort of thing, not steel-making is used to build sewer, a steelmaking on the day. Everyone has the heart of shame, a big steel-making in the past, people put stove split light and ground pressed flat, making as if nothing has not happened. But there are still some trace, in the yard some remote places, in the middle of the weed can find some bricks, the brick is full of solidification of bubbles, black tumor, like the sea those covered with barnacles, oyster shells, the reefs, which suggested cool stove can burn bricks. These grotesque bricks give a very deep impression. Like this thing, I found it in the gallery. Like this memory we all have, but no one to mention nor to draw, so we put them all forgotten. I think of these things, that I have enough energy to be a painter. And like me, a person who has such a strange childhood, in addition to being a painter, really can not think of what is more appropriate. But I’m not as a painter, because I was blind. It was not until I was twenty-six years old, and I didn’t even know it. This shows that I wasn’t blind, at most a bit seruo. But the doctor checked out. So I didn’t go to art, and I turned to math.

Wang Er experience in the bean factory

Wang Er too young workers at a Beijing plant as tofu. That place is a hodgepodge, others say that the past is a hall. That is to say, when the city of Beijing is a gray brick around the city, a group of a provincial officials and business people scrape together some money, cover the yard, to test lifts to Beijing to live. It’s a long time. It is a fine fine brick tile grey yard. Very old; had about high gate, door had dismounted stone bolt hitching post, a class of things, then no, only a cement pile gate iron fence door, the door has a short street, for transport of tofu car access. A car is a tin shed on the side of the road, the workers to put the bike inside. At the end of the shed has a red brick house, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter which smells bad, regardless of day and night with ever burning lamps. There is a toilet. There was a time when people on the inside of the wall paintings of nude paintings, people said that the king of the two paintings.
Wang Er in bean curd factory worker, the smog in Beijing in winter is purple red. This is because the city has millions of small coal stove, smoke ejected with sulfur dioxide to. When the sun struggled through the smoke, the other colors in the zenith. This color is similar to the smoke he had seen in his childhood. For color, Wang Eryou particularly good memory. But whether you believe it or not, he believed, is actually a color blind. I knew he was colour blind, he did not go to study painting, so you can give yourself to save a lot of trouble.
Wang Er in the tofu factory when the workers, we do not know he is blind, when not a painter in the future. On the contrary, they only know the fingers of his right hand is always black, while others don’t. This shows that he often took the charcoal sketch, others is not painting. The toilet wall nude is charcoal painting. In addition, painting in the white walls of a naked woman, although it is a simple and straightforward style of writing, only Liao bits of a few lines, the lines is very sophisticated, obviously are often drawn to draw out. These things are enough to prove that he has drawn these pictures. After the woman was drawn out, and has been on the toilet, people live together peacefully. Until someone with a fine pencil had a rough organ and a name on it, the problem becomes serious. According to his view, the original painting and later to add something is obviously not a person. But no one is willing to listen. Others put the toilet wall repainted, but after a few days, and people in the bathroom painted such a woman, and once again added the same thing, this is simply deliberately out of mischief. You know, people beside the woman Tim’s name is “old Lu”, the old Lu is the name of factory leader (director of the Revolutionary Committee). The old Lu was mid forties, chubby, two Danzi, like faces wipe the rouge like flushed, in fact, nothing to wipe. She speaks like a quarrel, sometimes hair like a peacock like upright. She is the head, that is to say, she is sent to the above. She did not like her, the complex interpretation of rot, sell tofu. But no one wants to commit to her. At that time there was no evidence that the king two painting of the painting, she often toward the king two to pounce, to tear the king two face. Fortunately, there is always someone who can stop her. Then she spit at Wang Ertu. Spit to spit quasi need some practice and vital capacity, old Lu does not have this condition, so little spit Wang, spit to others.
The woman on the toilet in the painting above the urine pool, knelt to proceed Yang in the back of the head, somewhat like Denmark the celebration of Hans Christian Andersen’s mermaids, but also raises the behind was dressing the posture. The rough organs painted on the belly, not local. Illustrate this in the picture chaos Tim lack basic knowledge of human anatomy, if the old Lu that really looks so on, add to the abundance of her life difficult. Those who come under her urinate, urine after she raised her head to have a look at the same time, a few Duosuo. Then he packed his clothes and went out. My guess is that several Duosuo, nameless painters paint out this woman — a total in five seconds, but the five seconds almost can let a lifetime of the mold Wang Erdao.
Wang Er in bean curd factory worker is in 1973, when Beijing city is very dilapidated. This is because the city was poorly dressed. At that time, there is no fashion, no so-called romantic, we have no property. No music, no movie, bored in, everyone wants to find someone else’s trouble.
1973 years long past, erotica in the toilet is a very common thing, like old Lu nor very novelty. So we can see the above discussion, just look at a piece of stale news picture, don’t think it has any attractive place. There is only one situation that will make this happen, and that is the king who is the two who happens to be you. Take this into consideration, everything is different.