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This is a book about sex. Sex is driven by its own strength, but it is not permitted to do one thing spontaneously, which makes it very complicated. For example, say, the summer palace in the north of my home, if not in the direction of the north, I had to go to the south, across the north pole and the south pole, travel more than 40000 km arrived there. I want to say is: people can indeed explain everything, including sex, draw a forced analogy. So sex can also have the most incredible reason.
About this book:
Wang Er in the summer of 1993 at the age of forty-two, at a research institute in doing research work. In the author’s work, he has a lot of same name brothers. When I was young, the author is often called “Wang two”, so he is also the author of the same name brothers. And the other two different is that he has not been inserted in the team, is a small, strong body, hair is very heavy.
The hardships of love

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